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Chixl photo terminals
bring joy.

And money.
People always have
something to print out.
Now printing out any photo is as easy as buying a soda from the vending machine. In less than no time. No waiting in lines.
From Instagram
directly to your wallet.
The client chooses a photo
Choose a photo from Instagram, Facebook, your mobile device (wi-fi) or take a selfie from the terminal.
The client pays in cash or with a card
Suitable for accepting the currency of any country of the world. By any means, Visa, MC, ApplePay, etc.
The terminal prints out the photo
The terminal prints out the photo in the unique "Polaroid" format. Great quality.
You earn money on a daily basis
Simply choose the most crowded place for your terminal. You will not need any additional advertising.
Learn more about
Chixl terminals.
We deliver Chixl photo terminals to almost any country and city of the world. Call us for more details.
Chixl - is the employee of the month.
Time after time.
Personal account
Track your terminal online: how much paper is available, how much money is in the terminal, visual statistics and much more.
Urgent notices
If something happens with the terminal, you will learn about it immediately with the Chixl bot.
Weekly update
The system is updated weekly to become better and more handy – automatically and free of charge.
No viruses.
Chixl terminals are Linux-based. Forget about any hang-ups and do not even think about viruses. Everything is reliable here.
Chixl photo terminal is a life hack for businesses.
Doing everything itself.
It is one of the best money investments ever in 2017. Buying the Chixl terminal, you buy a reliable business. That’s just the thing you dreamt about.
Calculate the cost of
Chixl terminal.
The terminal cost depends on its particular characteristics customizable specially for you.
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