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Choose a photo from Instagram, Facebook, your mobile device (wi-fi) or take a selfie from the terminal.
The client chooses a
The client pays in cash or
with a card
Suitable for accepting the currency of any country of the world. By any means, Visa, MC, ApplePay, etc.
The terminal prints out
the photo
The terminal prints out the photo in the unique "Polaroid" format. Great quality.
You earn money on a
daily basis
Simply choose the most crowded place for your terminal. You will not need any additional advertising.
How it works
Attractive home page
The beautiful home page will be visible from a distance.

The familiar Instagram and Facebook logos attract clients right away.

Terminals are as user-friendly and intuitive as smartphones.

About 73% of users, who have tried it once, come back and advertise it to their friends.

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world, used by 700 million users.

Our booth allows people to print photos from their favorite app.

This is the simplest way to print an Instagram photos ever.
All you need to do is:
* Type in your user name or hashtag
* Select a photo

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Facebook is a social network that has won over an enormous number of Internet users. Facebook is regularly visited by 1,94 billion people.

Photo booth's customers can print their favorite photos straight from Facebook.

To do this, follow the link you see on the device's screen.
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Nowadays everyone keeps a huge number of photos on their smartphone.

Our booth can print photos straight from the phone! To do this, simply connect to the free Wi-Fi network and follow the link you see on the device's screen.

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In recent years selfies have become super popular all over the world. Everyone has at least one selfie uploaded to one of the social networks.

Using a high-quality built-in camera, our customers can take selfies and then apply various filters (image distortion) and effects (mustache, shades, glasses, hats, etc) in real time!

You can rotate, zoom in/out, and move your photos.

Add dates, locations, and/or text.

Edit your photos right on the spot.

We have prepared exciting stickers for you to use on your photos

We have Birthday, St. Valentine Day, Christmas, and other beautiful stickers.

You can design your picture as a greeting card