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Social media photobooths and vending machines.
We can print photos from Instagram , Facebook ,
Smartphone and also we make awesome selfies.
What is Chixl Photo Terminals ?
Chixl is a modern photo booth, which helps you print personal photos from your pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), mobile phones, and make awesome selfies. Chixl terminals use the universal Polaroid image format (10x7.5cm).

A Chixl photo printing terminal can be used both as a vending terminal and a powerful marketing tool.
What Make Chixl Terminals so Popular?
Everything new is actually well-forgotten old!

Over the past few years, photos have pretty much moved to digital formats. Today, very few people have their pictures printed, and the youth has nicknamed 10x15 a "grandfather's" format. However, CHixl seems to be bringing printed pictures back to life. Now the young generation, though raised on social networks and smartphones, is happily reanimating their digital pics!

The Polaroid format, which was all so popular back in the 1980s, now impresses and delights people of all generations!

Refreshing photo prints is increasingly popular among social network users.

People enjoy using photos as postcards. They choose to present, decorate them or make selfies just for memory.

Cannot believe it? See yourselves
A Polaroid picture feels nice to the touch! It fits well in a pocket and even in a small vanity bag!

Polaroid pics go well with fridge magnets.

It can be a nice Christmas tree decoration and a wonderful addition to an interior!

Unique Photo Format
More examples
Boundless Opportunities!

Chixl software does not stand still and continues to evolve!

It supports Instagram, Facebook, mobile phones and uses a selfie mode.

Chixl terminals feature an edit option, so you can make any photo into a holiday card! Also, you can zoom in/out, add text, location, stickers, etc.
Choose Your Own Way of Earning
A Сhixl machine is both a vending terminal and a powerful marketing tool
Earn easily and effortlessly using the advanced CHixl technology. Reliable software, big opportunities and only about 1 sq/m occupied. Attractive, isn't it?!
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Earn easily using the smart CHxl machine

Data collection, branding, setting up promotions, etc.

Attract new clients!

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